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Corporate Governance

Familiarization Program:

The Independent Directors are provided with the overview of Company operations through the interactions with the senior management and the Executive Directors of the Company. The Directors at the Board meetings and outside are given the understanding on the following areas:

1. Industry and the market trends;
2. Regulatory issues notably on pricing and FDA issues;
3. The Company performance in the light of the Competition; and
4. Strategies of the Company.

FY 2016-17

1. Details of Familiarization Program held from 9th June, 2016 to 11th June, 2016 at Sikkim
The Directors’ visit to the plants in Sikkim and the main warehouse was organized where one and half days’ detailed presentation was made. It was attended by the Directors and the senior management of the Company.
Approximate number of hours spent by each of the Independent Directors on the above are as follows:

  Areas Covered Number of Hours  
  Industry trends 3  
  Regulatory environment 3  
  Strategy 3  
  Business plans 4  
  Factory visits with supply chain management 6  
  Interaction with HR for organizational understanding 1  
  Total 20  

2. Details of the Familiarization Program held from 6th January, 2017 to 7th January, 2017 at BSE Limited, Mumbai.
All the Independent Directors of the Company except Mr Arun Kumar Purwar attended a programme sponsored by the Company and conducted by BSE Institute Limited, Mumbai on the topic “EFFECTIVE BOARD GOVERNANCE FOR INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS”
Number of hours spent by the Independent Directors in the above mentioned programme are as follows:

  Areas Covered Number of Hours  
  Role of the Board and Directors’ Rights, Duties, Liabilities and Strategic Position 6  
  Legal Compliances through Companies Act, 2013 3  
  Financial Health Diagnosis and Ethics/Dynamics 3  
  Total 12